062714 – Friday – Nutrition Challenge Re-test…

June 26th, 2014 by Nick Stalock
Aerial view of the back squat...

Aerial view of the back squat…

CrossFit Class

Nutrition Challenge Baseline:

Back Squat:

Establish 3RM

In 90 seconds:

maximum reps – pull-ups

Scale pull-ups in order to complete a minimum of fifteen reps.

For time:

1 mile run

For those who have been to the gym for either or both of the last two days’ workouts, it would be wise to hold off on the max repetition pull-up test until hands, arms and lats have recovered.

OLY Class

Power Jerk + OH Squat:
3 x (2+1)

Press in Split:

Jerk Dip + Jerk w/2 second hold:
3 x 2 (1+1)
2 x (1+1)

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  1. Wendy Jun 27, 2014 / 6am

    Why does BTWB show a AMRAP of strict HSPU and back squats?

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