Fall Cleanup Nutrition Challenge

Ready to clean up your diet after the summer and get on track for a healthy winter? Join us for a simple and effective 4-week Fall Clean-up!

This 4-week challenge will be simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is eat clean, participate in the group Facebook page, and enjoy the results. This challenge is primarily geared for people attempting a Whole Foods Paleo-ish diet for the first time or are familiar with this way of eating and want to clean up their diet. People who have adopted a Whole Foods approach and are chasing optimal performance are welcome to participate but should likely include increased amounts of starches in their diet to support goals. Here are you startup instructions:

1. Please read through all 6 pages of the following nutrition challenge start up guidelines, found here. Post questions or comments. 
2. Take a moment to create at least a 3 day meal plan and shopping list. 
3. Go to the store with shopping list and buy the items you wrote down this weekend so you are prepared for Monday.
4. Set a goal to test and retest this weekend. It may be fitness related (1 legit push up), sleep related, or other health measurement (hip/waist ratio, blood pressure, etc).
5. Join our Nutrition Challenge Group by clicking here. Post questions, comments, pictures, daily for accountability and coolness factor.